Playing Defense Cybersecurity Guide by John Balch & Aman Guliani

Cyber crime has never been as prolific or profitable as it is today. While daily news headlines often focus on large corporate hacks and breaches, the truth is that small businesses are far more likely to be targeted by cyber criminals—and are far less likely to recover from the financial and reputational fallout after suffering an attack.

Fortunately for you, education is a key front-line defence against cyber crime. The more you know about the common tactics and tools that hackers use, the less likely you are to fall victim when they (inevitably) place a target on your back.

This is why we have created this book: To help small businesses—the backbone of our economy—learn how to protect their employees, clients, and bank accounts from today’s ever-evolving cyber threats. Here you will find critical information about the technology, policies, and best practices that will protect your business from hacks and breaches. You’ll learn:

  • Why your business is a prime target for cyber criminals, and why YOU are your business’s weakest link
  • The massive costs—both financial and reputational—that you will face should you fall victim to cyber crime
  • The unprecedented risk factors your business is facing if your employees are working from home—and what to do about them
  • A list of practical steps you can take RIGHT NOW to help keep your business safe
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