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Above and Beyond

Since making the switch to CarefreeIT from our previous IT provider, the level and quality of service we receive on a daily basis far surpasses our expectations. We are very satisfied with all the hard work that John and his team provide for us.

The single biggest differentiator between CarefreeIT and our old provider is communication. When we need help, we never have to chase after anyone for answers to our questions, no matter how small or big a problem may be. Whenever we run into an issue, we receive a response immediately, as well as prompt updates as to who will address the problem and when.

If you have ever felt like your current IT provider is unreliable, give CarefreeIT a call. They always go above and beyond to make sure our technology runs smoothly, while providing peace of mind in knowing all aspects of our business IT are well-cared for.
Daniel Luzi
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
BND Woodworking

CarefreeIT Has Our Back

CarefreeIT really has our back – they care about making sure we are secure, current, and safe in a scary, fast world. My team is way happier knowing who to contact to get answers to their computer problems.

We specifically appreciate the consistency that comes with having a senior technician assigned as our designated account manager. They truly understand our business, so we don’t have to explain our goals over and over again to different technicians, and they make sure our new software and hardware upgrades go smoothly.
Jamie Adam
Pioneer Craftsmen

Enhanced Cybersecurity Posture

The single biggest benefit to both our companies since moving to CarefreeIT’s Total Protection Plan is the overall enhancement of our cybersecurity posture.

Unlike other IT firms we have worked with in the past, CarefreeIT provides timely evaluations and swift responses to evolving security issues, while providing us with regular assessment reports that are easy to understand.

CarefreeIT is a forward-looking organization that is informed by experience. They will work cooperatively with you to achieve your security objectives.
Jim Morgan
Director, Administration and Human Resources
Marine Recycling Corporation & Raw Materials Company, Inc.

Friendly And Professional

The greatest benefit we have gotten from the Total Care Plan is peace of mind. Each day we have confidence that our server, desktops, and laptops will run smoothly—and if there is a problem (and, let’s be frank, there are always problems now and again with computers), we know the CarefreeIT team will move expeditiously to get things back up and running, while keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

Throughout our time together, we have been very pleased with CarefreeIT’s willingness to work patiently with third party vendors as our business has grown. They understand that our IT needs are not static, and always provide strategic guidance as we move into new technology areas, such as a recent Salesforce installation and integration with Sage 300.

With CarefreeIT, we have all the benefits of full-time, in-house IT support staff. While turn-key services can seem costly at the onset, the peace of mind that comes with professionally-managed IT is priceless. John and his team are friendly and accessible, and we would not hesitate to recommend them fully to anyone seeking IT support.
Ken McRory
General Manager
Vortex Canada

Fast, Reliable Service

The biggest reason I recommend CarefreeIT is the personal touch they deliver through customized solutions and friendly communication. They are always reachable, approachable, and they stand behind their promise of delivering fast, reliable service.

When it comes to our business IT, I can relax while knowing the CarefreeIT team is handling my technology needs. They truly have their clients’ best interests in mind and operate with professionalism and integrity.
Michele Speir
BridgeForce Financial

They Deliver On What They Promise—And More

Since signing up for the Total Care Plan and Total Protection Plan, working with CarefreeIT has given us peace of mind in knowing that if any problems arise, they will be addressed quickly and professionally.

We appreciate that service requests are properly tracked and prioritized so the work that needs to get done quickly is always attended to. We also appreciate the personal touch that John and his team provide. Each day CarefreeIT delivers on what they promise—and more.
Paul Gillis
President & CEO
Union Benefits

Peace of Mind

The greatest benefit we get from working with CarefreeIT is peace of mind. Their comprehensive approach to IT care focuses on preventing IT problems before they start, allowing us to serve our clients without having to worry about managing our technical infrastructure. Their services lessen our security concerns and allow us to spend our time doing what we do best: Running our business.
Tim Adams
CPA, CA, BMATH, Partner

I Don’t Have To Worry Any Longer

Before working with CarefreeIT, our IT was managed by staff members muddling their way through problems as they arose, and there were times when our systems would be down for days. Thanks to the CarefreeIT Total Care Plan and Total Protection Plan, I don’t have to worry any longer.

The Cybersecurity Awareness Training they provide has been particularly helpful. As much as I can tell my staff to be aware of suspicious emails and to browse the Internet with caution, this training really keeps cybersecurity top-of-mind in our office.

If you’re on the fence about hiring an IT provider, ask yourself this: How much would it cost your business if you were down for a day or two and couldn’t communicate or transact with your clients? Downtime costs much more than dollars—your reputation is also on the line. It can take quite a while to land a new client, but only seconds to lose them. CarefreeIT can help you eliminate IT problems and protect your networks from cybersecurity threats—just like they do for us.
Sarah Van Allen
Van Allen Insurance Inc.
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