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CarefreeIT is your trusted local IT Services provider in the Woodstock area, delivering reliable and secure IT solutions tailored to your business plan. Let us help you streamline your company today!
A reputable IT service provider can give you everything you need to keep your network running smoothly. But it can be tough to find a single service that offers compelling solutions. And if something goes wrong, it can be even harder to secure help from someone experienced with your business and its technology.
We deliver dependable and secure IT solutions tailored to your business plan – Upgrade your IT Today!

What are IT Services?

IT services make business life easier by allowing you to focus on core competencies rather than IT infrastructure.

Typically, managed IT services fall into either the preventative or reactive categories.
Preventive managed services are concerned with developing and maintaining IT infrastructure stability and performance. This may include routine maintenance operations, such as patching software or updating drivers, and monitoring the system for potential issues.
Reactive managed services, on the other hand, focus on addressing problems that have already arisen. This may involve diagnosing connectivity issues or restoring servers following a power outage.
A full range of IT Services includes:
  • Computer Hardware Services: Servers, storage devices, routers, firewalls, modems, and printers.
  • Software Services: Operating systems, databases, application development tools, and web hosting.
  • Networking Services: Comprises managed IP networks, wireless LANs, VPNs, and cloud computing.
  • Security Services: Antivirus, firewall, intrusion detection/prevention, identity management, and data loss prevention.
  • Systems Management Services: Remote monitoring, server backup, disaster recovery, and IT operations management.
DDoS Attacks target small businesses in Canada

Why Outsource your IT Solutions?

There are numerous reasons why your company should outsource its IT solutions.
Perhaps you do not have the staff or resources in-house to handle your IT demands, or you are searching for more cost-effective and efficient means to manage and maintain your technological infrastructure.
Regardless of the circumstances, outsourcing provides several advantages that can help your organization. These include:
  • IT Cost Savings: We can help you save money by offering the best solution for your needs, whether a single on-site PC or a complete data centre. We provide dedicated services at sensible prices with no hidden costs or complicated contracts.
  • Experience: You can trust us to handle business as we are experts in our field. We can manage any size project swiftly and with minimal downtime or data disruption, so there is no time lost recovering from our work.
  • Future Proof: We never stand still — we continually source new technologies to bring your company the most effective solutions.
  • Maintenance and Support: Downtime is costly for any business, so avoid taking risks with your IT infrastructure. Trust Carefree IT to provide expert maintenance and support to keep your business operational.
  • Increased Efficiency: Running a business is tough, and time equals money. IT Solutions lets you concentrate on the essentials. Stop worrying about updates, maintenance, and adaptability because they are all taken care of for you.

Why Choose CarefreeIT?

CarefreeIT was the first IT managed services provider (MSP) company in Ontario to develop and market a comprehensive cybersecurity bundle specifically targeted to the small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) market. We realized early on that SMBs were being targeted by hackers, were vulnerable, and were getting compromised. Unfortunately, cyber protection services were designed for enterprise-class companies and was unaffordable for SMBs. Our unique Total Protection Plan (TPP) solved the problem by delivering leading edge security protection to SMBs at an affordable cost.
The TPP provides 24x7x365 cybersecurity expert “live eyes” on your network. It also provides education for your team, a set of policies for you to implement, and dark web scanning on your behalf. It’s designed and delivered by certified cybersecurity experts. If the security of your systems and data are essential to your business, the TPP gives you the peace of mind to sleep well at night knowing your IT, your valuable data, and your reputation are protected.
No other MSP has the cybersecurity expertise, experience and services to protect your business both reliably and cost-effectively. We’re successfully protecting many business in the insurance, finance, accounting, legal, retail and non-profit industries.
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