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CarefreeIT is your trusted, local outsourced IT support and outsourced IT services provider company in the Markham area. When you partner with us, you will get the benefits of full-time staff at a price and scale that fits your needs. Contact us today to learn more about outsourcing IT services with us!

The need for outsourced IT support

It doesn’t matter what industry your company is in. Today, all businesses rely on technology to support business operations, which means when things aren’t working smoothly, business is at risk. Companies come in all sizes, and not all have the budget to hire IT staff. Even if your company can afford it though, you may be unable to hire staff with the right skillsets to support your needs.
For companies that find themselves in this position, outsourcing IT services to partners like Carefree IT is an affordable, efficient option. Instead of trying to budget for IT staff to be on call around the clock, you can contract our services for when you need them. This also helps solve the talent issue with certain areas of expertise. If you need more advanced skills for a particular project or task, we can lend the right expertise at the right time.

IT services we can help you with

Desktop support
Whether it is a user having trouble or an application server that’s acting up, our third-party desktop support can fill a major gap. As an on-demand service, using our desktop support team can give you the answers you need to keep business running. Email and office productivity tools offer most core capabilities for companies, so making sure someone is available at all times is important.
Backup and recovery
The data your company manages must be available at all times. Having accurate, complete data for business operations is something that your company relies upon. When a disaster or mishap threatens this data, you need a solid backup and recovery plan.
However, managing these plans and having personnel on hand to handle restore procedures can be costly and confusing. Our team of experts can take over this task and ensure it is done correctly and quickly. Without the need to dedicate an entire in-house team to perform routine backups, validate them and restore them, your company can reduce expenses.
Using phones as a means of communication is still popular in office environments. As this form of communication has proven that it’s here to stay, the technology supporting it has changed over the years. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones are more common than ever. With their widespread adoption, the skills needed to implement and maintain VoIP phone systems demand a steep learning curve.
The same can be said for modern video conferencing platforms. Without these forms of communication up and running constantly, your company can quickly lose your customers’ patience. By outsourcing IT services with us, you can easily manage this aspect of your business as well. Our experts in telecommunications platforms can support this critical area so your teams can focus on business projects that produce revenue.
Cloud solutions
Has your company considered moving resources to the cloud, or have you already started doing so? Consulting an IT service provider like us can help make this transition much smoother.
When migrating data, processes and assets to a cloud environment, taking too long with cloud deployments means using double the resources at any given moment. When the time comes to fully switch service over to the cloud, if it’s not configured properly, your business could experience some expensive downtime. What’s worse is having issues spring up and your IT staff not understanding where to begin troubleshooting.
To avoid all these problems, we can transition you to the cloud with ease.
It’s no secret that cybersecurity can be hard to manage for less mature IT teams. As for companies that can’t afford to staff an IT department, this means they are left to fend for themselves. With regulatory compliance, cybercrime and customer confidence pressuring your company to get it right, cybersecurity is critical, and we have the experts, tools and knowledge to safeguard your data and your customers’ privacy.
Cloud Computing Support & Consulting

Outsourced IT services with CarefreeIT

Here at Carefree IT, we have been providing outsourced IT services in the Markham area for over 10 years. Regardless of your company size, we can help lighten the workload on your teams and handle your IT needs. From desktop support to backup and recovery to cloud solutions and more, we can provide the services you need.
Our expert team is capable of managing large, complex environments and is available when you need them the most. Contact us to review your specific needs so we can plan a solution that works!
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