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Peak Performance

Peak Performance


CarefreeIT has invested money and manpower into our various IT solutions to help service our clients; but we are VERY proud to be investing in our employees too!


We just wanted to let you know that our team recently attended the largest “Advanced Information Technology Conference in North America!” In addition to that, we have attended several other conferences over the past several months and participated in numerous workshops, webinars, training courses and seminars to increase our knowledge and professional development in Cybersecurity, Leadership, Business Management, new technology and more! 


Continuous education and professional development is what keeps the CarefreeIT team running at peak performance. I was honored to have the opportunity of attending some EXCELLENT Leadership Training & Professional Development Conferences, Courses, Workshops and Seminars this past year. My favorite one, was a Conference held in Philadelphia af few months ago. It was a deep dive into Leadership, Customer Service, Marketing & Business Development. This Conference was geared specifically towards B2B leaders in the IT Industry, and it was filled with brilliant insights and valuable golden nuggets of information!   


As a valued client, you will immediately gain all the advantages that we learned at these conferences. Check out some of these photos!




We’ve been learning new skills, new tactics and new security measures that will give our team the advantage of all the technological advances that are coming into play for 2018.  We are keeping each one of our clients in mind as we look for new strategies that will address your specific needs and beginning this week, we will be integrating new strategies, new technologies and tactics into the work we do for you.  With a boost in motivation and inspiration, we are ready to help make a difference for our clients. Thank you for being a valued client or business partner of CarefreeIT and if you haven't started working with us yet, what are you waiting for?


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October 16, 2017
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