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5 Ways to Run a Cybersafe Business

5 Ways to Run a Cybersafe Business


CarefreeIT is doing our part to help spread the word, about that The Government of Canada has declared the month of October as “Cybersecurity Awareness Month”.

For any business, employees are both the biggest risk AND the best defence against cybercrime. Knowledge and training make all the difference. 

1. Protect your business from unsecured personal devices.

In the office, at home and on business travel, work data on personal devices may not be secure. Limit personal device and public Wi-Fi use for work, or have employees follow a security policy. Check out CarefreeIT's Managed Detection and Response Service

2. Provide training on cyber threat. 

Staff training should include updates on the latest online threats such as email scams, phishing, viruses, and malware. If your employees understand these threats, they can avoid them. Check out CarefreeIT's Cyberesecurity Training

3. Encourage smart clicking. 

Your employees should be suspicious of unknown links, or familiar ones with odd forms. Signs that a link is not to be trusted could include hyphens, numbers, spelling mistakes and symbols in place of regular characters.

4. Promote strong passwords. 

Tell employees to use strong passwords and avoid writing them down on scraps of paper, where they can be taken or copied by anyone. Make sure work passwords are secure and can be accessed by someone trustworthy (senior employees or your tech expert) in case an employee leaves.

5. Plan ahead for departing employees. 

Before an employee leaves your company, make sure their account is closed, and change passwords. If not, an open and unused account can be exploited by hackers.


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