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Case Studies

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"Knowledge Isn’t Power, Until It’s Applied." -Dale Carnegie


CarefreeIT provides comprehensive Cybersecurity and IT support to businesses throughout Southwestern Ontario. We are proud of the measurable results we deliver to our clients. These case studies, outline in detail how our Total Care Plan provides strategic, practical, and effective IT Support and solutions for businesses of diverse sectors and sizes. Some of these case studies also outline how the Total Protection Plan provides 24x7 monitoring of network activity, to deliver essential cybersecurity protection to businesses who require more than just the management of their IT infrasturcture.


Each of our clients has a unique journey that led them to partner with the CarefreeIT team. However, many of our clients share similar experiences, because no matter what industry they belong to, the fact remains that most SMBs in Ontario face similar business challenges:


“CarefreeIT addressed all of our IT issues to our satisfaction, all the while allowing us to stay focused on our business. As a small local company, we require a measurable return on every investment we make, and each day we can see the value in partnering with CarefreeIT through the improved efficiency, accuracy, and cybersecurity they provide.”


“After reviewing the major players in the local MSP industry, we decided CarefreeIT was the best fit for our company. They listened intently and answered all our questions with great attention and care. Rather than push a contract on us, they focused on making sure our business philosophies were a good fit. CarefreeIT's unique perspective on managing technology costs and results really works for us.”


“We started working with CarefreeIT during a period of rapid organizational growth. CarefreeIT provided us with the support we needed and helped us take our business to the next level!  Their strategic planning prioritized our goals and provided us with a competitive advantage. We are very happy with how our business partnership has helped us grow and prosper."

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CarefreeIT supports the following industries:




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Financial Services Manufacturing Insurance Transportation Services Professional Services

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